Jungian Analysis

This is a long-term and intensive individual journey which usually requires the client attend twice a week. Jung called this process of deep engagement ‘individuation’ (link to what is Jungian Analysis) in that we become who we are intended to be rather than the individual who was formed and determined by family, education and culture. In this process we work with dreams to help us explore dark and painful aspects of our lives. We also work with somatic symptoms and body based processes as well as present and past life experiences.

The principle is that we are much more than our current conscious awareness knows or can allow and so values the potential that might arise from the unconscious, or what we do not yet know. This work is very helpful for people who have a feeling that they are not fulfilled or that they are searching or longing for something that seems unfathomable. In the darkness there is often gold.

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What is Jungian Analysis?

Carl Jung developed his approach to psychotherapy based on the idea that every individual has both conscious and unconscious aspects and that we develop our personalities in certain ways because of the familial, social and educational environment in which we grow up. The result of this that we can often feel unhappy, too one-sided, unfulfilled, depressed, angry or lonely because we also have aspects of our personalities that we have not developed. The key to finding and working with the ‘whole’ of our personality, Jung believed, can be discovered in our dreams. Learning more about ourselves through dream analysis helps to see that our experiences are shared by others and these archetypal patterns help us to see and feel ourselves within a wider world view where we are a part of a past, present and future.