New! Creative Articulations Process Online Series and Mentoring Group

ONLINE SESSIONS, October 2022 – March 2023

GROUND FORM SERIES (Monthly on Mondays, 6.00-7.30pm UK TIME)

The GROUND FORM series is a one hour practice that moves through the six-facets of CAP in an ebb and flow structure. The process invites you into journeys of discovery within a containing framework. Somatic in nature and improvisational in approach the sessions focus upon developing your creative skills in attending, tracking and writing. The Ground Form is suitable for anyone regardless of experience.

MENTORING GROUP (Monthly on Saturdays, 10.00-12.30, UK TIme)

The MENTORING GROUP offers a facilitated peer-to-peer exchange in which Vida and Jane will support you to deepen your own practice and enrich your embodied understanding of CAP in its Expanded Form. We will offer creative tasks and a framework for sharing and reflection as we activate the six facets of CAP – from Opening to Outwarding over a longer and more sustained period in support of your own practice. This group is suitable for those that are also following the GROUND FORM series and/or have previously attended CAP workshops.

All participants will have access to a shared online space where they will find recorded sessions, creative prompts and inspiration and in which the community of CAPers can exchange questions, insights and experiences.

Deadline for applications is Monday 5th Sept

Cost: Ground Form Series £70

Mentor Series £70

Ground Form and Mentor Series £125

Some places are available at reduced rates if your current circumstance prevents you paying the full amount (see

It may be that you can apply for funding to support your participation from your institution or from organisations such as Arts Council England. We are happy to support applications if needed.

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Mentoring group:

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Supported by Dance4 and Middlesex University

Discipline ofAuthentic Movement Group – online

starting October, 2022.

Thursdays, 7.00-9.00pm UK time.

27th October, 24th November, 26th January, 23rd February

£100 for 4 workshops

£30 for 27th October workshop only

These workshops will offer participants an opportunity to explore the Discipline of Authentic Movement. This will then will form the basis of be an ongoing group from spring 2023.

We will work with moving as an inner process of coming closer to oneself and the development of the inner witness through the process of tracking and working with the felt sense. We will also explore silent witnessing as a phenomena to develop our inner witness.

These workshops will be suitable for those with some experience of Authentic Movement or other somatic or body based practices. No dance experience is necessary as this practice, although emerging from dance, spiritual and psychological practices is not a ‘dance practice’. It is more akin to a moving mindful meditation practice.

Although it is possible to attend the first as a standalone workshop, the 3 following workshops will be developmental and not open to new participants.

For more information:

Embodied Fairytale Practice

Tuesday 18th Oct, 16th Nov, 13th Dec 2022, 7.00-9.00pm (UK time)

COST: £30 for each session or £75 for 3.

An ongoing group exploring fairytales through and with our felt sensing bodies. We will read, move, play and dream ourselves into the archetypal world of the fairytale.

In each 2 hour workshop we will read and explore a fairytale using Jungian Depth Analysis, Authentic Movement and the Focusing process of working with the felt sense.

What will I need?

Access to zoom and a stable internet connection

Space in which to move around

A mixed selection of paper, pens and pencils

What is the cost?

£75 to attend the 3 workshops or £30 per individual workshop

How do I book?

Send an email to:

If you would like information about becoming a teacher of the Discipline of Authentic Movement please email about Janet Adler’s Circles of Four programme which has a strong emphasis on mystical practice:The Discipline of Authentic Movement