Artistic Mentoring/Focusing with Creative Articulations Process and Authentic Movement

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Creative Articulations Process is a tool-kit approach to working with the ‘felt sense’, that sense in the body that we have when we know we know something but might not be able to remember it. In Artistic Mentoring and Focusing I will encourage you to stay with your bodily felt sense of what you are interested in on as a moment by moment process. Often we discover an ‘ah ha’ moment – the ‘felt sense’ – and this helps you to really get a sense of this moment before we move into language and meaning.

I work with dancers, actors, vocalists and fine artists – creative makers of all kinds – to unblock creative processes and to nurture you. The process can be alone or with a group, it can be for personal reasons or to develop art works, it can be as long or as short as you wish.

Often a day of Artistic Mentoring and Focusing with your company can be the catalyst to new ways of working or an hour alone can teach you the tools to incorporate Focusing into your daily life and creative process. I always begin with ‘I am interested to know more about what
you do’ and only then begin work to deepen the felt experience. From this it becomes possible to find new ways to speak about and make from what emerges.

What is focusing?

Gene Gendlin discovered that individuals who could connect to a ‘felt sense’ of how they were in a given situation were best placed to respond the psychotherapy. With this in mind he developed ‘Focusing’. This is a very simple tool that allows you to access how you are in your body/mind right now and then find ways to language that ‘felt sense’ and develop tools for carrying forward this fuller sense of yourself into your life. Once you learn how to Focus it is easy to do alone or with a partner. This is a self-development tool that can be applied specific life problems, creative blocks or more general psychotherapeutic work.

Focusing Testimonial

The focusing technique provided an impassioned model for feeding back on (my) artwork. It is a technique I prefer above all others, because I prefer to frame artistic expression as expression that generates communicative élan and reaction … Focusing could contribute to developing a totally different means of engaging with performance experience… and is a profound feedback tool for an artist.

Yvon Bonenfant, extended vocalist and performance artist, 2006

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