About Me

I am an analyst with the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists and registered as a Jungian Analyst with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and the International Association for Analytical Psychology. I am also on the Faculty of the Circles of Four programme of preparation for teachers of the Discipline of Authentic Movement and a certified Focusing Practitioner certified by the Focusing Institute, USA. Having worked in Higher Education for over 20 years first as a lecturer of dance and performance and later as a Professor of Dance, I have a long term interest and commitment to the role of creativity in the healing process. My work now is focused on developing knowledge and practice of the ways in which thinking and acting with imagination can help heal our deepest wounds and enliven our lives. This process calls us to explore how we feel in the here and now in relation to what has happened in the past. There is research (Gendlin, 1978) that suggests that people who have a ‘felt sense’ of their experiences are more likely to find psychotherapy helpful and feel it has been successful.

I have a small private Psychotherapy practice in Northampton where I also offer Authentic Movement, Focusing and Dreamwork workshops and solo retreats. I facilitate Authentic Movement retreats in the UK and Europe. My approach is primarily Jungian (a focus on dreams as a key to the formation of our identity) and I also incorporate body work into psychotherapy sessions if you are interested and it is appropriate.

As new discoveries and approaches to the treatment of trauma become available it is very important that those working in the healing professions continue to participate in the development of their skills. My own interest has taken me on courses to study the Pesso Boyden Technique, EMDR, Neuroscience and Trauma Training, Sensorimotor Training and I continue to engage in professional development programmes.

I offer both long and short-term psychotherapy or Jungian Analysis where we work on your life story, with dreams, and the corresponding ‘felt-sense’ (a body sense of how I am right now) and, if you are interested, Authentic Movement. This approach values and honours those parts of us we have neglected or rejected.

For more information telephone (07784 140244) or email me for an initial consultation.