Jane Bacon, PhD

Jungian Analyst,
Teacher of the Discipline of Authentic Movement (solo and group work),
Focusing Trainer (group and individual work),
Supervisor for counsellors, psychotherapists and Jungian Analysts,

Professor Emerita, University of Chichester, UK

Working online and Northampton, UK
Phone 07784140244 or email

Jane Bacon

Jungian Analyst, Authentic Movement Practitioner, Supervisor and Teacher

I offer Jungian Analysis, Psychotherapy, Supervision, Focusing Training and Authentic Movement for individuals and groups. I work with the ‘felt sense’, dreams, Authentic Movement within a broadly Jungian framework. This work is suitable for many people whether in a life crisis, searching for life’s meaning or for personal development. I am a Jungian Analyst (UKCP AND IAAP registered) trained by Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists (UK), a Focusing Practitioner and Authentic Movement Practitioner

Authentic Movement, Dreamwork and Continuing Professional Development for Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Somatic Practitioners – online and in-person.

These small groups and solo retreats offer practices of self-care and a safe space to explore questions and concerns. They are for those working in the healing professions.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: jane.bacon@gmail.com