I was born in Northern Ireland, lived in Yorkshire and then moved to Alabama, USA where I was educated and worked until I was 23. It was the deep south outside, but at home it was Yorkshire through and through. I returned to the UK in 1979 and have lived in the north and south of the country. In each place I find myself searching for ‘home’. This life of multiple places has led me to my deepest source and sense of belonging which is experienced most profoundly when I am engaged in and can share my therapeutic work, Authentic Movement and artistic work.

I am a Jungian Analyst (UKCP registered) having trained with the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists. I am a Certified Focusing Practitioner (Focusing Institute, USA and British Focusing Teachers Association), an Authentic Movement Practitioner (I continue to train with Janet Adler and am on the Faculty of her training in Authentic Movement known as Circles of Four,( also work in Higher Education (Prof of Dance and Somatics at University of Chichester) teaching and researching where I supervise PhD and postgraduate students researching Authentic Movement, practice-as-research in performance, and the creative articulation of both therapy and art making.

The therapeutic and mentoring work I offer is individually tailored to you and your needs. I work on both long and short term basis usually with dreams, the felt-sense and, if you are interested, Authentic Movement. This approach values and honours those parts of us we have neglected or rejected which reside deep in the unconscious.